Balayage highlighting

Balayage highlighting in St Helens

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What is Balayage?

The word ‘Balayage’ means to paint. This technique is used to freehand paint in highlights to produce a beautiful and natural flow. Balayage creates natural highlights recreating that sun- kissed look.

Balayage can be used with Ombre to create a soft transition from darker roots to lighter ends for stunning results. 
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Balayage for stylish hair

  • Natural look
  • Perfect for women who cannot apply colour on scalp
  • More time in between grow out
  • Low maintenance
  • Sun-kissed look
If you are concerned about your hair-ends, please do not hesitate to speak with us at Julie Waterhouse Hair Ltd as we are here to advise you and help your hair get Balayage ready.
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For Balayage in St Helens, call Julie Waterhouse Hair Ltd on 01744 451 192
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